*Skype & Phone Sessions are available! 


Mental Health Counseling: Using talk therapy, cognitive restructuring, positive reframing, visualization, positive self talk, to guide individuals, couples and families who are going through difficult life events and/or mental health disorders

  • Individual (children-adolescents-adults)
  • Family
  • Couples


Life Coaching: Guiding and providing an objective perspective to assist with redefining and achieving goals, planning, organizational skills, time management, reducing mind clutter, increasing awareness, and promoting life fulfillment in areas of personal and/or career


Leadership Coaching: Working with leaders in improving their work performance, leadership and motivational skills, in order to extend the benefits throughout their organization.


Athletic performance counseling: Working with athletes to improve wellbeing, mental functioning and physical performance with emphasis on the mental component of athletic performance.


Parenting Strategies/Techniques:  Providing caregivers with an authoritative perspective on parenting strategies to help increase a more stable home environment, using unconditional love, practical solutions, positive reframing, confidence building, effective and assertive disciplinary actions.